• [Includes 2 tables, 3 charts, 21 maps and 88 illustrations]On 3 October 1944 American forces in the Pacific Ocean Areas received a directive to seize positions in the Ryukyu Islands (Nansei Shoto). Okinawa is the most important island of the Ryukyu Group, the threshold of the four main islands of Japan. The decision to invade the Ryukyus signalized the readiness of the United States to penetrate the inner ring of Japanese defenses. For the enemy, failure on Okinawa meant that he must prepare to ...

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    • [Includes 11 tables, 9 charts, 15 maps and 65 illustrations]This Volume tells the story of the Supreme Headquarters of that Allied Expeditionary Force which seized a foothold on the German-held shores of Western Europe in 1944 and which, by the following year, had completed the liberation of all Western Europe.This is a history of coalition warfare. It is focused upon the agency in which the decisions of governments were translated into orders, and upon the decisions of General Eisenhower, the S...

        ASIN: B06XGKJRKS

      • [Includes 19 maps and 82 illustrations]Some who have written of World War II in Europe have dismissed the period between 11 Sept. and 16 Dec. 1944 with a paragraph or two. This has been their way of gaining space to tell of the whirlwind advances and more spectacular command decisions of other months. The fighting during Sept., Oct., Nov., and early Dec.belonged to the small units and individual soldiers, the kind of warfare which is no less difficult and essential no matter how seldom it reache...

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        • [Includes 14 maps and 96 photos]During most of the eleven months between D-day and V-E day, the U.S. Army was carrying on highly successful offensive operations. As a consequence, the American soldier was buoyed with success, imbued with the idea that his enemy could not strike him a really heavy counterblow...Then, unbelievably, and under the goad of Hitler’s fanaticism, the German Army launched its powerful counteroffensive in the Ardennes in Dec. 1944 with the design of knifing through the ...

            ASIN: B06XGJQHDB

          • [Includes 51 maps and 71 illustrations]This volume deals with the campaign waged by the Third Army in Lorraine during the period 1 September-18 December 1944.The present volume is concerned with the tactical operations of the Third Army and its subordinate units. The story of command and decision in higher headquarters is told only when it has a direct bearing on the campaign in Lorraine. The logistics of this campaign likewise have been subordinated to the tactical narrative. The basic unit in ...

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            • [Includes 35 maps and 77 illustrations]Riviera to the Rhine examines a significant portion of the Allied drive across northern Europe and focuses on the vital role played in that drive by the U.S. 6th Army Group, commanded by General Jacob L. Devers, and its two major components, the American Seventh Army, under General Alexander M. Patch, and the French First Army, under General Jean de Lattre de Tassigny. Had these forces not existed, Eisenhower’s two northern army groups, those commanded by...

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                Getting the Message Through, the companion volume to Rebecca Robbins Raines' Signal Corps, traces the evolution of the corps from the appointment of the first signal officer on the eve of the Civil War, through its stages of growth and change, to its service in Operation DESERT SHIELD/DESERT STORM. Raines highlights not only the increasingly specialized nature of warfare and the rise of sophisticated communications technology, but also such diverse missions as weather reporting and military avia...

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                  This set includes all of the pieces needed to make a WWII style US military jeep along with seven soldiers. The allied soldiers are made up of 2 US soldiers and 2 Chinese soldiers while the Axis forces feature 3 German infantry. Also included with the set is a wide selection of contemporary military weapons (firearms and grenades).

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