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    An ancient Mayan prophecy...A dangerous Nazi descendant...A passionate archaeologist...And an aristocrat desperate for cash. Mayan legends tell of a location where the secret to surviving the end of the world may be found. One part of that legend is recorded on a stone tablet in the dusty attic of Lord 'Ratty' Ballashiels' crumbling manor. The other twin part disappeared from a Berlin museum when the Nazis took power. When Ratty seems about to sell his tablet to the adopted son of Josef Mengele,...

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      In this riveting account of historical and archaeological investigation, the authors present hard evidence that the Sphinx, the Pyramids, and the other monuments at Giza are of far more ancient origin than previously believed. Complete with evidence of a conspiracy between the Egyptology establishment and various confidential organizations to keep the secrets of the Pyramids from the world, The Message of the Sphinx is also a modern-day detective story. of photos.

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      The Dead Sea Scrolls, found in caves near the Dead Sea fifteen miles east of Jerusalem from 1947 to 1956, include the oldest existing biblical manuscripts and the remarkable texts of the purist Jewish community at Qumran. The discovery of the scrolls has added dramatically to our understanding of the varieties of Judaism at the time of Jesus and the rise of Christianity, but has also prompted heated debate about the nature of these religions. As the monumental task of transcribing and translatin...

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        From a new generation of Dead Sea Scrolls scholars comes this landmark work. Michael Wise, Martin Abegg, Jr. and Edward Cook bring the long-inaccessible ancient scrolls of Qumran vividly to life, translating and deciphering virtually every legible portion of the fragmented scrolls, with startling results. For the first time since their discovery, this historic volume reveals: Intriguing revelations about biblical history and the roots of Christianity. Never-before-seen stories about Abraham, J...

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          "Details how the scrolls, one of history's great language troves, depict the tumultuous Judean world of 2,000 years ago."―Natural History Ever since the first scrolls were found in the Judaean desert in 1947, the Dead Sea Scrolls have been the subject of passionate speculation and controversy. The possibility that they might challenge assumptions about ancient Judaism and the origins of Christianity, coupled with the extremely limited access imposed for many years, only fueled debate on their ...

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          • SYNOPSISEight hundred years ago, Herman the Recluse created a Bible like no other: a massive book illustrated with frightening designs and dedicated—or so it’s said—to the Devil himself. But the final pages of the Codex Gigas soon vanished, and most scholars believe them forever lost.So when Lorell Ettings heads to the auction one rainy day, she never expects that her latest find will sweep her away on the adventure of a lifetime. Is it possible that what looks at first to be a simple ston...

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              Theorizing that the Dead Sea Scrolls were written by Jews in Jerusalem and smuggled out, a scholar backs his claims with handwritings, archaeological findings, and knowledge of ancient Jewish history. 35,000 first printing. BOMC, QPB, History, Newbridge Natural Science, & Reader's Subscription Alt.

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