• $14.38
    The American Educational SR-1459 vinyl catch ball with 24” diameter is used for learning recycling facts, and depicts 96 questions for response. The SR-1459 is tossed between two or more players for an interactive experience, and is versatile for use in the classroom, playground, or home. Sample questions include “True or False: Americans recycle 95% of solid waste,” “Name three non-renewable resources,” and” Recycling aluminum helps to __________.” The ball has an answer sheet for...

    • Brand: American Educational Products
    • UPC: 727953205428

    ASIN: B005QDW75M

  • $16.95
    Recycling Clever Catch Ball is an interesting and fun way for students to learn about recycling. Students toss the ball to each other and answer the question under their left thumb. An answer sheet is included along with instructions on game variations. Grades 5-9

      ASIN: B002P305J6

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