• $8.98
    The Aquascape 14 x 7-Inch Aquatic Lily Pot allows you to quickly and easily add water lilies and other aquatic plants to your pond. The included drawstring allows you to tighten the top of the pot once planted, making it ideal for use with water lilies and similar aquatic plants. The fine porous material allows water in, but keeps soil from entering your pond. The flexibility of the material makes it simple to place the plants where typical plastic pots will not fit while preventing the planter ...

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Aquascape
    • UPC: 742575989297

    ASIN: B0039G7BZY

  • $12.95
    Hornwort, also known as Ceratophyllum demersum, is a floating plant with no roots (though it can easily be anchored in substrate). It is easy to grow and is fine with low-light setups, although more light means faster and denser growth. It grows by absorbing waste including ammonia and nitrates from the water, which means less pollutants causing smelly or cloudy water and happier fish/invertebrates! All Aquatic Arts brand plants and animals come with a 100% live arrival guarantee. Due to variati...

    • Brand: Aquatic Arts
    • UPC: 852672992219

    ASIN: B00IO14PDA

  • $12.99
    Attention 1.Remote control only works in front of the light. 2.The maximum available remote distance is 2-3m. 3.Please read the introduction of the remote control on listing pic before using it. 4.Regarding the wattage, red/blue/green solid color output 3W/color. Max output is about 6W. 5.The color temperature of white setting is not like the traditional flood light that output pure white light, it produces white color with a little blue color. Constant Current Power Supply Inner using constan...

    • Color: RGB (Red, Green, Blue)
    • Brand: Floodoor
    • UPC: 709586140222

    ASIN: B01M9K6EN8

  • $8.64
    The Aquascape 8 x 6-Inch Fabric Aquatic Plant Pot is ideal for all pond plants. The fine, porous material allows water in but keeps soil from entering your pond. The flexibility of the material makes it simple to place the plants where typical plastic pots will not fit while preventing the planter from ever cracking or breaking. These round Aquatic Planters will easily blend in with the rest of the pond, allowing your beautiful aquatic plants to thrive. Aquascape is passionate about the products...

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Aquascape
    • UPC: 742575985022

    ASIN: B0039GB46Q

  • $5.27
    A companion to the new Over and Under the Pond and the beloved Over and Under the Snow, this sweet exploration of the hidden world and many lives of a garden through the course of a year "could not be more lovely," according to the Washington Post. Up in the garden, the world is full of green—leaves and sprouts, growing vegetables, ripening fruit. But down in the dirt there is a busy world of earthworms digging, snakes hunting, skunks burrowing, and all the other animals that make a garden the...

    • Brand: Messner Kate

    ASIN: 1452161364

  • $12.97
    My Fairy Garden is the first of its kind: a toy that's also a real, live garden! Children love kits that allow them to grow plants at home; it gives them a connection to nature and a sense of satisfaction at having nurtured a living thing. My Fairy Garden takes it to a new, exciting level by allowing children to interact with it as part of an enchanting play set! Children plant the organic seeds, and care for their garden, all while setting up and playing with adorable fairies, woodland friends ...

    • Brand: PlayMonster
    • UPC: 093514036511


  • $25.25
    Grow Best boosts plant growth factors with a balanced 8-8-8 formula for Nitrogen, Phosphate, and Potassium coupled with six micro-nutrients essential for plant growth: Boron, Copper, Iron, Manganese, Molybdenum, and Zinc, most of which are provided in Chelated form for easier absorption by plants. Grow Best also contains a proprietary mixture called GrowAide consisting of eight organic and inorganic ingredients which help plants quickly absorb more nutrients for faster plant growth process witho...

    • Color: Green
    • Brand: Grow Best 8-8-8 Liquid Plant Food
    • UPC: 664314800161

    ASIN: B00NTB20E6

  • $20.99
    Water lettuce provides a floating rosette of attractive foliage that resembles lettuce. The plants float in ponds and water features, forming dense clumps of leaves. The leaves remain dry while the long roots dangle freely in the water. The plants shade the water and the floating roots leach nutrients from the pond, which helps prevent algae growth. Water lettuce grows naturally as a tropical perennial. In colder climates, grow the plant as an annual or bring it indoors to overwinter. Your fish ...

    • Brand: Aquarium Plants Discounts
    • UPC: 789296603972

    ASIN: B00YZ6CH0G

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