• Travel guide updated in July 2016. The Mont-Saint-Michel stands on a rocky mount in the middle of stretches of sand and water that make up the immense bay. Not really on the continent, not really at sea, between the world of men and the wild vastness of the ocean. Between heaven and earth, its imposing figure seems to rise to the heavens. The lights, which change from morning to night, and the atmosphere, at times mystical in the sea mist, enhance these impressions, along with the breathtakin...

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    • A classic work on the two great French pilgrim sites: Chartres Cathedral and Mont St. Michel. Initially written for a small circle of friends, Mont-Saint-Michel and Chartres became so popular that Adams finally consented to have the American Institute of Architects publish a trade edition in 1913. The presentation of the religious monuments of medieval Normandy and the author's reflections on the history and philosophy of the era have made the work a classic.

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        Here be pirates. Seafaring maps of old might well have included this warning note about the port of Saint Malo, as the most memorable chapter of this fortified city was written during the 17th and 18th century, when its cobbled streets witnessed the regular passing of corsairs and pirates, dragging the fabulous booty of treasures from East and West in their wake. Today, remnants of the era can still be glimpsed in forts, museums and popular culture that tell of the maritime exploits of Jean-Fran...

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          As part of the Art House Co-Op Sketchbook Project 2012 World Tour, the author took inspiration from a family trip to France for her art work. Sketches done using trip photographs fill her book with endearing illustrations. The result is a collection of amazing images done in various medium, each accompanied with a personal anecdot.

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          • Guide de voyage actualisé en juillet 2016. Le Mont-Saint-Michel se dresse sur ce piton rocheux au milieu de ces immenses étendues de sable et d'eau qui en composent la baie. Pas vraiment sur le continent, pas vraiment en mer, entre le monde des hommes et l'immensité sauvage de l'océan. Entre ciel et terre, son imposante silhouette semble s'élever vers la Jérusalem céleste. Les lumières, changeantes du matin au soir, et l'atmosphère, parfois mystique quand il y a de la brume, sublimen...

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            • A 3-Day Tour of Mont St Michel, Normandy and BrittanyThe Abbey of Mont St Michel receives over 3 million visitors annually.There is a way when you first approach the Abbey, your mind cannot comprehend how such a 'rock' could last over the centuries. Perhaps that is why it is called by many, the 8th Wonder of the World.It sits in the bay -- The Baie du Mont St Michel -- an area of French coastline that is the waters of the Englisih Channel. Terrific storms, gale force winds, roar through here. Th...

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              • Enjoy your trip to France with the Saint Malo & Mont St-Michel Travel Guide: Sights, Culture, Food, Shopping & Fun.The Quick Trips to France Series provides key information about the best sights and experiences if you have just a few days to spend in the exciting destination of Saint Malo & Mont St-Michel. So don't waste time! We give you sharp facts and opinions that are accessible to you quickly when in Saint Malo & Mont St-Michel. Like the best and most famous sightseeing attractions & fun ac...

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