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    Welcome to pond boss We specialize in the latest innovative and energy efficient water gardening products to help you create, maintain and enhance your own backyard pond, waterfall, or fountain feature. We take pride in providing you with durable, eco-friendly equipment including our low-water shut-off pumps, UV filtration systems, non-toxic water treatments, pond liners, accessories and so much more. We have been providing water garden products for over 10 years therefore, our experienced custo...

    • Color: Black
    • Brand: pond boss
    • UPC: 617407724134

    ASIN: B0068MX89O

  • $150.00
    The sound of a waterfall cascading down rocks into a pond or stream enhances the auditory experience in a way no other water feature can. A waterfall further benefits fish and plant life by oxygenating the water as it returns to its basin. Our waterfall pumps are solidly constructed with non-corrosive components, ceramic mechanical seal and brass insert in the 11/4-inch discharge. Their water-cooled, no-oil design ensures safe and efficient operation without fear of harm to ornamental fish or aq...

    • Brand: Cal Pump
    • UPC: 029753650003

    ASIN: B000EVMQP2

  • $109.00
    TotalPond waterfall pumps have high performance, wet bearing motors capable of moving large amounts of water to create dynamic effects. These powerful motors are energy efficient and are designed for quiet performance so you can enjoy the sounds of flowing water, not the buzz of the motor. All of our waterfall pumps include a pumpshield to protect it from dirt and debris, which will also extend the life of the pump. The 1200 GPH Waterfall Pump is ideal for cascading waters up to 5 ft. in height....

    • Brand: TotalPond
    • UPC: 871980410383

    ASIN: B004DL0XY0

  • $177.99
    Ideal for use in waterfall and stream applications, this powerful direct-drive pump features a unique dual discharge design for operation of two water features simultaneously. This pump is extremely versatile, able to be used vertically or horizontally. Powerful direct-drive pump produces greater starting torque and flow pressure than comparable magnetic drive submersible pumps. Corrosion resistant body designed for non potable submersible use. 1-1/4-inch female pipe thread discharge, 1-1/4-inch...

    • Brand: Little Giant
    • UPC: 010121660953

    ASIN: B0009YHRMG

  • $105.00
    The Patriot KP series water garden and fish pond pumps feature hybrid drive technology, which combines the power of a direct drive pump with the energy efficiency and safety of a magnetic drive pump. The Patriot KP series showcases asynchronous (variable speed) speed motor technology and can be controlled with a variable speed controller. This results in higher water flow at a lower operating cost. The KP Series is built to deliver the same superior performance as premium pump brands, with a low...

    • Brand: Patriot
    • UPC: 609456722223

    ASIN: B005N0G1AU

  • $37.99
    Tetra Pond Water Garden Pump 550 GPH is designed for ponds 50 to 500 gallons. This is a magnetic drive water garden pump that can power waterfalls, filters, and fountain heads. Adapters are included. Energy efficient and UL listed with 3 year limited warranty.

    • Brand: Tetra Pond
    • UPC: 046798190356


  • $162.01
    Every waterfall or spillway needs a dependable, efficient and hardworking pump like the aquanique 5000 GPH Waterfall Pump. This pump is ideal for waterfalls up to 15 feet in height and is designed to be energy efficient with a strong, uninterrupted water flow. Adding a waterfall to your backyard pond will greatly improve the health and beauty of the ecosystem through increased aeration and circulation. The added water movement can also help reduce algae blooms and mosquitoes from nesting on the ...

    • Brand: AQUANIQUE
    • UPC: 871980007606

    ASIN: B00TIJZ108

  • $559.00
    The ShinMaywa Norus Series submersible pumps are some of the most reliable and durable pumps sold today. On the outside it has a unique corrosion resistant hardware design made of stainless steel and poly amide fiber reinforced resin. In addition, it features a cast aluminum bearing housing, and a vibration reducing bearing design which provides superior heat dissipation and structural integrity in comparison to competing pumps. The Norus series pumps are the most reliable, highest efficiency, l...

    • Brand: ShinMaywa

    ASIN: B005SFWA64

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