• In Great Philippine Jungle Energy Cafe, everything is happening under the light of eternity. So side by side occur the Revolution of ’96, the demos against Marcos in the ’80s, and banditry in the boondocks in the days of the​ Guardia Civil. Visayan scenery in Spanish times will conjure up the Silliman​ summer workshops of the 1960s, while the career of Leon Kilat is simultaneous​ with the writing of a screenplay based on his life. This hero who becomes a​ sacristan, who becomes a ​...

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      This book and two CD package is a must for all drummers wanting to explore the world of electronically produced Jungle/Drum 'n' Bass grooves! If you are new to Jungle, it will open the door to new grooves, loops, and sounds on the acoustic drumset. It also provides a wealth of exercises, transcriptions, and sound applications to achieve the feel and style of these futuristic beats. The two CDs include exercise examples from each chapter, basic electronics, and seven original play-along groove lo...

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    • What is it REALLY like to retire and live in Costa Rica? If you only went by what is written in travel guides and what is hyped by travel agents (and their promotional materials), the conclusion would have to be that Costa Rica is heaven on earth. Unfortunately, things in Costa Rica are simply not as they are presented in the travel books, and expatriates often have problems trying to establish a life there. After the third couple Alfred Stites knew decided to move to another Central (or South) ...

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        The perfect mix of music, creativity, and fun for music teachers, classroom teachers, and child care providers. Students will enjoy learning about the jungle and its creatures through captivating songs and activities. Includes many imaginative lesson ideas for young children that capture the delightful power and excitement of interactive musical learning. Classroom curriculum, singing and playing instruments, crafts, and snacks are integrated, overlapped, and joined for a joyful, inventive learn...

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      • This early-elementary solo contains long, song-like legato phrases with steps and skips. The melody is primarily divided between the hands. A few harmonic intervals and a smattering of accidentals are also included. Clever lyrics help students imagine the thrills of an exciting jungle safari. Contrasting dynamics add interest, and an optional duet accompaniment provides a solid bass harmony to support the student part.

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          Alfred Music Publishing is the world?s largest educational music publisher. Alfred produces educational, reference, pop, and performance materials for teachers, students, professionals, and hobbyists ning every musical instrument, style, and difficulty le

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